Had a long day at work? Want something fresh and exciting? Tired of your boring exercise routine?

Dance your way to a Active New Lifestyle with Mosaic Dance.
Mosaic Dance promotes an active modern lifestyle through dance and fitness. The studio specializes in partner dances such as Bachata, Salsa & West Coast Swing. We offer 2 different types of packages depending on your needs and preferences.  
(1) If you require maximum flexibility due to frequent work travels or busy work and personal schedules, our Dance Cards will offer you the best value. With our Dance Cards, you have the freedom of dropping in for classes whenever you are free and the luxury of taking breaks in between courses whenever you are travelling or busy at work.
(2) If you are interested to take 2 or more classes per week, our membership plans offer the greatest value. With a full dance membership, you have the flexibility of walking in for any dance class without worrying about the need to spend more and more for classes. Memberships are available in terms of 3, 6 & 9 months, with generous free bonus months for longer membership periods. We gladly accept full payment upfront or monthly installments in cash, nets, visa or mastercard.

Dance Cards

4 Class*

(Valid: 2 months)

8 Class*

(Valid: 3 months)

16 Class*

(Valid: 5 months)

24 Class*

(Valid: 6 months)

$100 $180 $320 $420


(1) Unless otherwise stated, each class is 1 hour long.

(2) 2-hour classes are considered 2 classes.



Membership Rates 






Salsa & Bachata


West Coast Swing


All 3 Dances






3 months   375 375 450   3 x 1 week  
6 months  +1 month 750 750 900  6 x 1 week  2 mthly pmt
9 months  +2 months 1125 1125 1350  9 x 1 week  3 mthly pmt


(1) Minimum membership is 3 months.

(2) "TWO Dance" membership entitles members unlimited access to all classes (except private classes) on the schedule,

(3) "One Dance" membership entitles members unlimited access to a dance genre of their choice, (i.e. West Coast Swing

      Bachata or New York Salsa) including respective practice sessions.